new, scary, and very, very mega-ultratriathlon plans for 2019…

After taking an ‘easy’ year in 2018, it’s time to focus on a new, big, long, and scary ultra-triathlon goal in 2019… For those who are impatient, click here to go straight to the end of this post to find out about the plan, for those who want the full story, keep reading…


the ‘very mega-ultratriathlon plan’ is delayed: the swissultra doesn’t host a ‘continuous deca’ in 2019, so I’m hoping to do this race in 2020! For now the main focus for 2019 seems to be ‘just’ a Double-iron triathlon

the Big Brutal Swim
August 2015, Llanberis, North-Wales

This is where it all started… I was out in Wales to do the 10km Big Brutal Swim, and to check out the run course of the Brutal Triathlon, basically to see if I dared to do the Double Brutal in 2016. The day before the Swim I did a bit of running, ending in ‘an easy lap around the lake’ (only partially true; it ís around the lake, but it’s definitely not easy…), and at the end of the run I met Brutal race-director (and ultra-athlete) Claire. We talked about The Brutal, and about some other adventures, but when she told me what she was training for I was really impressed… Continue reading “new, scary, and very, very mega-ultratriathlon plans for 2019…”