March update

The bike rides are getting longer (but still easily manageable), swim is about consistency, and just like last month, March has been all about running. Running long, running longer, and running even longer than that…

And although it’s been all about the run, I was happy to do my first 5km of the year (in a nice and warm pool), and did find the (mental) strength to go back into the cold open water for a short kilometer… The open water session would be a nice test for my full-winterproof brutal swim-kit: wetsuit, extra vest, gloves, booties. Unfortunately, I left the booties at home, so the feet were hurting once they touched the 10˚C water… First swim with gloves on was pretty nice, so I’m probably using those for the swim!  Continue reading “March update”

February update

Februari has been the first month this winter that I didn’t do an open water swim… The last one in januari was so cold that it took me a long time to start to feel alive again, shivering so hard that even drinking hot chocolate was impossible… So the smart move was to move my swim-training back into the pool, focusing on my stroke, so that when the season starts I can work on the longer distances. I’ve got to say: I’m looking forward to it; I’m really a better swimmer on a steady 5km (with wetsuit) than on a 100 meter sprint…  Continue reading “February update”

January update

A nice Sunday morning in January… I’m running in a small-scale 10km cross-country run, and I’m doing well. Feels as if my heart is about to explode, legs hurt like hell, but there’s only a few laps to go. Then something starts to buzz on my wrist. I look at my watch, and see that my ‘recovery heart-rate is too high’. All I can think is: ‘recovery??? I’m running a race here!’. Then I realize that I must have pushed the ’stop’ button instead of the ‘lap’ button at the beginning of the lap. Well, better press start again… New goal for the months leading up to The Brutal: learn how my new watch works…

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