July update

long cycling…

It’s 9AM, and I’m only 500meters from my house. When I check my Garmin I smile, I’ve never cycled as much on a single day as I did today… When I realise there’s still 200km to go my smile gets bigger… This plan (both the training-session of today, and the Double Brutal) is insane… But definitely the good kind of insane!

I take part in ‘The Tour of 12’, a cycletour through all the 12 Dutch provinces. There’s a 2 and a 3 day event, but there’s about 30 crazy cyclists who plan to ride the Tour in one day… At one second past midnight we start riding for a 400+ km adventure… The group breaks into small parts, and after the first 15km I’m riding alone. Nicely following the gps-route, until I get the feeling that my gps is sending me the wrong way… That’s not really a good way to start the day! Continue reading “July update”

June update

night riding…

I smile when I exit my street. It’s 2.30AM, and I just decided to add a small extra lap to my bike-training, just to make sure I reach the seven hours that were planned for today (well, for tonight, since it’s been about riding in the dark and dealing with tiredness on the bike…). The legs feel better than they ever felt after a long ride, and mentally I feel strong; I just did a hard and long session, mostly in the dark; it was one of those moments when you realise what you’re training for…

Finally, after 220 kilometers, I get home. Happy, and knowing I’ve got the same session planned two days later, I try and get some sleep, hoping that I can forget that tomorrow morning there is a hard interval running set planned… (sometimes I think that my Coach must really hate me…). Continue reading “June update”

May update

Just a short blog update, there’s been plenty of miles of swimming, cycling and running, but most of those miles have been quite boring… Well, from a blogging-point-of-view anyway, the actual miles weren’t boring at all, I really enjoyed most of those, but no-one would be interested in every inch of road that my bike rides… With race-season well under way, I hope all of you are doing well, in training and racing!

training, training, training and more training…

There comes a point during a hard interval that you just háve to check the watch, and see if you’re almost done. I’m on my bike, and I feel as if I’m about to pass out. Surely, I must be 90% done with this set? I check the watch, only 30 seconds remain. I feel lightheaded, but I make it through… Continue reading “May update”

March update

The bike rides are getting longer (but still easily manageable), swim is about consistency, and just like last month, March has been all about running. Running long, running longer, and running even longer than that…

And although it’s been all about the run, I was happy to do my first 5km of the year (in a nice and warm pool), and did find the (mental) strength to go back into the cold open water for a short kilometer… The open water session would be a nice test for my full-winterproof brutal swim-kit: wetsuit, extra vest, gloves, booties. Unfortunately, I left the booties at home, so the feet were hurting once they touched the 10˚C water… First swim with gloves on was pretty nice, so I’m probably using those for the swim!  Continue reading “March update”

February update

Februari has been the first month this winter that I didn’t do an open water swim… The last one in januari was so cold that it took me a long time to start to feel alive again, shivering so hard that even drinking hot chocolate was impossible… So the smart move was to move my swim-training back into the pool, focusing on my stroke, so that when the season starts I can work on the longer distances. I’ve got to say: I’m looking forward to it; I’m really a better swimmer on a steady 5km (with wetsuit) than on a 100 meter sprint…  Continue reading “February update”

January update

A nice Sunday morning in January… I’m running in a small-scale 10km cross-country run, and I’m doing well. Feels as if my heart is about to explode, legs hurt like hell, but there’s only a few laps to go. Then something starts to buzz on my wrist. I look at my watch, and see that my ‘recovery heart-rate is too high’. All I can think is: ‘recovery??? I’m running a race here!’. Then I realize that I must have pushed the ’stop’ button instead of the ‘lap’ button at the beginning of the lap. Well, better press start again… New goal for the months leading up to The Brutal: learn how my new watch works…

Continue reading “January update”

First Brutal blog

My first Brutal-blog, and since it’s the off-season (serious training starts in January), there’s not many great training or racing stories, but it’s a nice time to introduce myself…

When I started my triathlon-career I knew that one day, I wanted to do an iron-distance race… It seemed impossible; as a recreational cyclist I guessed the 180km bike part wouldn’t be a problem, but running a marathon? Or swimming 3.8km? So I started to run, and tried to start to swim (it took me a while to learn that!).

A few years later (2013) I raced in Roth (totally different than a Brutal event, but still; a bucket-list race for every long-distance triathlete!). The race was unforgettable for many reasons, and one of those reasons was that I was doing something that I thought was impossible just a few years before…  Continue reading “First Brutal blog”