First Brutal blog

My first Brutal-blog, and since it’s the off-season (serious training starts in January), there’s not many great training or racing stories, but it’s a nice time to introduce myself…

When I started my triathlon-career I knew that one day, I wanted to do an iron-distance race… It seemed impossible; as a recreational cyclist I guessed the 180km bike part wouldn’t be a problem, but running a marathon? Or swimming 3.8km? So I started to run, and tried to start to swim (it took me a while to learn that!).

A few years later (2013) I raced in Roth (totally different than a Brutal event, but still; a bucket-list race for every long-distance triathlete!). The race was unforgettable for many reasons, and one of those reasons was that I was doing something that I thought was impossible just a few years before…  Continue reading “First Brutal blog”